Rates and Locations

Rates Per Person:

Local trips up to 5 km

Out of Town: 5 - 10km

Out of Town:  10 - 16km

Over 16km (One Way)

One Way - $5.50 One Way - $6.50 One Way - $7.50 $7.50 plus $0.75 per km over 16km
Return $11.00  Return - $13.00 Return - $15.00  $15.00 plus $0.75 per km over 32km


$0.75 per km plus $15.00 per half hour or any part when more than 1 hour waiting time.

Example: Selkirk Hospital to Betel Gimli:

2 hour + 15 minutes wait at Selkirk Hospital;

120 km return @ $0.75 per km for all kms plus

3 half hours wait ($45.00)involves pickup, transport and return of passenger

Total trip $135.00 (No charge for attendants)


$0.85 per km-- from a Central pick up drop off point

Example: Waterfront Centre Minimum 100 km.

Note: Transportation to from the Central point tor Charter Passengers, if required, is charged Extra at the Local Rate per Person eg.($10.00)

Maximum time allowed is 6 hours, Extra time . $15.00 per half  hour

Evening, Weekends And Holidays - (if a driver available)48 hours booking noticeRate plus $20.00 surcharge

The Eastern Interlake Handi-Van proudly provides service to: